3 Steps to Dealing with Your Flakey Friend

Or lover, or family member…

1. Figure out your boundary

If someone’s only confirming an hour before you have to meet, and you reached out ages in advance, that’s probably a bit rude by most peoples estimates. But not necessarily everyone’s.

2. Offer up a conversation

Are they aware of how their flakiness affects you?

3. Give them a chance to do good

Gently suggesting to someone that the ball is in their court is sometimes tough, but it might be essential. If they keep cancelling and waiting for you to reschedule, that’s too one-sided.

And if nothing changes…?

Ultimately it’s up to you to figure out how much leeway you give a constant flake. How much energy are you willing to expend to make up the shortfall from their side?

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Trying to live better. Writing on Mental Health, Relationships, and Living Ethically. Editor/Podcaster.

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