A guide for evaluating and handling relationships when narcissism interferes

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  • Having a strong sense of self-importance
  • Dreaming of unlimited…

Australian home with a desk and plant
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Fostering practices that will serve your creativity for life.

Journal with paints and dried flowers and polaroid pictures
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What you should know about becoming a freelancer in 2020

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How to refuel your creative centre.

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“If your wife locks you out of the house, you don’t have…

Not as easy as it sounds.

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Cut through and get clear on communication.

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Your guide to negotiating anxiety in the form of panic

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Deciding what’s right for you, regardless of what might happen

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Embrace happier relationships — even with ourselves.

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It’s not one thing or the other.

Christina Care

Emerging fiction author, London Writers Award 2020. Working on my debut novel, rep’d by Kate Evans @ PFD. Podcasting on Author Not Present.

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