Absolutely, I think respect is so overlooked. As if because you’re dealing with an issue, you are somehow undeserving of that baseline.

I’m sorry to hear you’ve heard similar rubbish from a partner as I have — I think when the right person comes, things are different. I wrote about that in the past (Here: https://medium.com/@christinacare/an-ode-to-a-beautiful-romance-the-features-of-a-great-relationship-8cdc15ee4528), so I’m not a cynic on this, but I do think a true, non-toxic relationship is hard, takes time, and is rare, even if possible. Maybe now isn’t the time, but if it’s something you want (and it’s not essential, of course!), the time will come.

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Trying to live better. Writing on Mental Health, Relationships, and Living Ethically. Editor/Podcaster.

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