I Never Wrote A Word. Now I Write Every Day.

Unleash creativity, write more, discard the burdens of ‘greatness’…

Well, what do you actually value?

A big part of why I think I never wrote anything much at all pre-2016, is that I simply didn’t align what I valued internally (i.e. creativity and writing), with any externalised action. I kept my value dormant, and never acted on it. Why? Well, for one I was confused. It wasn’t clear to me that this value that I had was something I absolutely needed to explore. So I suppressed it; I was given the advice time and again, by parents, random adults, career advisers and teachers alike, that writing was not a career option. Therefore, I dismissed it. If I couldn’t be a writer, why write? This self-fulfilling cycle had me blinded for a long time.

Why aren’t you doing the thing you value?

It is a shame that this interest of mine was never particularly encouraged in a productive way. I never took part in workshops or lessons, and my school was far from academically interested. A lack of information and understanding meant that I didn’t realise how much I liked writing, or how important it was to me. That was definitely part of the problem.

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What are you actually afraid of?

Knowing it was fear at the heart, I had to question myself a little further: what was it exactly that I was really afraid of? Several things came to mind. These were my fears, and how I answered them:

Will you be okay to die wondering?

Ultimately, what will my life look like, when I look back on it? The idea that I might get old and die without having ever tried was more terrifying than any of my objections — than any other fear my mind could conjure up. I needed to write. I needed to try and to know my own currency.

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Trying to live better. Writing on Mental Health, Relationships, and Living Ethically. Editor/Podcaster.

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