Are there Modern Dating “Rules”?

What even are they in a world of dating apps?

Dating profiles are helpful only to a point — most people are trying to get past this as quickly as possible, and you should too.

Everyone will likely be dating a thousand other people, so be mentally prepared for that.

If you’re going for a very specific kind of relationship, there’s probably a specific place for you to look for that. Go there.

There is no ‘first date’ or ‘third date’ rule any more

If they don’t answer in a given time frame, move on. If they cancel, move on.

You’re pretty unlikely to hear anything if they don’t like you.

Real life always trumps online. So don’t just use apps.

In conclusion…

Make your own rules, and make them clear.

Romance is still totally possible, so don’t lose hope.

Emerging fiction author, London Writers Award 2020. Working on my debut novel, rep’d by Kate Evans @ PFD. Podcasting on Author Not Present.

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