Why Going Back to Therapy Isn’t ‘Failing’

Come on a journey towards better mental health…

Self-compassion isn’t linear

Learning about yourself and how to work through your issues is obviously not the same thing as being prescribed a course of antibiotics. And in particular, if we feel something is up, showing ourselves the kindness to try again is a good thing. We aren’t just magically ‘solved’ — rewriting automatic thinking takes a heck of a lot of time and effort.

Everything contributes to the whole

I am learning from all of my experiences on this journey, and I share them on this platform regularly. I hope they all weave together into a helpful picture of what we can each do for our own mental health. Everything that I try, everything that I learn, comes into the fold. It all contributes to the image I have of ‘good mental health’.

  • Started working on breaking down the thoughts, feelings, bodily reactions and behaviours that relate to particular instances of low mood. This is CBT in a nutshell.
  • Come up with a diagram which includes many of the triggers and concerns that contribute to the ‘depression mode’
  • Started to identify more of the thoughts I have about myself that I don’t always consciously realise I am repeating to myself. These contribute to the items on my diagram.
  • Looked at ways of reframing these thoughts, and challenging to what extent I believe in them.

What is ‘failure’ anyway?

Given that health isn’t linear or objective, what would ‘failure’ even mean? We all have needs, and we all need help with various things. We don’t hesitate to ask for help for our physical problems. Obviously the stigma surrounding mental health persists. However, ‘failure’ isn’t really sensible if the measure of ‘success’ isn’t clear.

  • It’s never wrong to ask for additional support. More help is always better than less help.
  • Good mental health is a lifelong journey. It requires cultivation, it requires practice.

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Trying to live better. Writing on Mental Health, Relationships, and Living Ethically. Editor/Podcaster.

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